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Booking and Bail

After a criminal suspect is arrested, the next steps in the case are the processing of the person into police custody ("booking"), and a determination of his or her eligibility for release from custody in exchange for the posting of a set amount of money ("bail"). Click on the links below to learn more about booking and bail.

Booking and Bail Basics:

  • Booking Find out what may happen after a criminal suspect is arrested and placed in police custody.
  • Bail: Getting Out of Jail After an Arrest Discusses the process of setting bail, including what happens when you post bail and how to get out of jail on bail.
  • "Own Recognizance" Release Discusses the process of releasing a suspect on his or her promise in writing to appear in court later on, and what a judge considers when deciding whether to grant "own recognizance" releases.

Bail Proceedings:

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