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A District Attorney (DA) is the prosecuting officer of a criminal case (i.e., the official who represents the government in the prosecution of criminal offenses). A word of caution, if you are accused of a crime the District Attorney is not your friend. The DA's job is to secure convictions.

That said, there are many situations in which communicating with the DA is necessary or even advantageous. The DA can offer a plea bargain, reduce charges, dismiss a case, or offer alternative "diversion programs" that can let you resolve your case without a conviction on your record.

Some DA offices will refuse to speak to a defendant and even if the DA is willing to talk to you it is worth considering having an attorney communicate on your behalf to avoid making statements that worsen your situation rather than improve it. Furthermore, you should be sure that you fully understand your case before beginning negotiations. Evidentiary and procedural issues can be very complicated and without a careful examination of the procedure and evidence involved in your situation you may miss an opportunity to defeat the charges against you without dealing with a prosecutor.

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If you need to speak to the District Attorney you should probably talk to an attorney that is on your side first. An experienced local attorney can communicate with the DA on your behalf and remove a lot of risk and stress from this kind of exchange. Contact a qualified criminal defense lawyer near you today.

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