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A District Attorney (DA) is the prosecuting officer of a criminal case (i.e., the official who represents the government in the prosecution of criminal offenses). Prosecutors are essentially lawyers whose job it is to represent the people of the state of North Dakota against persons or entities accused of criminal activity.

Once a suspect is arrested by law enforcement, is the the job of the prosecutor to decide whether or not to file charges based upon the evidence in the case. Once the prosecutor makes a determination, it is their job to continue researching the case, appearing in court, and ultimately getting a conviction or plea from the defendant.

If the case goes to a criminal trial, and the prosecutor gains a conviction against the defendant, it will be their job to present a sentencing recommendation to the judge. Depending on the nature of the crime, this may also include presenting testimony of a victims or family members of the victim(s) to speak to the judge regarding the impact of the crime.

Below you will find contact information for specific North Dakota District Attorney's offices and more information on how to find a criminal defense attorney in your area.

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